Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Nude Ponds in Wellfleet"

I am always fascinated to read Internet searches that lead people to this blog. One of the latest was from a nudist, apparently, in California who wants to locate a nude pond in Wellfleet. At first, I imagined the pond dressed, and having to step out of frilly clothes, and then, of course, let my mind digest the fact that a future visitor to the Outer Cape was looking for ponds where it is possible to swim in the nude, probably in summer. This reader found the blog I wrote last fall about Reuel Wilson’s memoir with mention that his parents would splash around Gull Pond in the nude. There were a lot less folks wandering the woods back then. My godmother’s kids used to swim naked in Slough Pond. Skinny-dipping was one of my mom’s fondest memories from adolescence. In the early 1970s there was a nude beach, or rather, part of a beach, in Truro, where nudity was tolerated. Those days are long gone. Sven and I have seen people swimming naked in Dyer Pond on occasion, but not in peak-months. If the nude-pond searcher is reading this blog, I would suggest booking a house on one of the more private ponds, where no one would be watching. Then you can swim naked as often as you want!