Monday, May 25, 2009

Mac's Shack: Always a Treat!

“What a marvelous day and evening!” Sven exclaimed as we exited Mac’s Shack and proceeded into the clam shell parking lot. The Shack was still full of diners, perusing the fancy black menu, savoring lobster or steamed clams, or sitting at one of the tables outside, drink in hand.
When I dine at Mac's, I am always impressed at what these two young men, Mac and Alex Hay, have been able to accomplish in ten short years. Assisted by cousin Sam Bradford, the Hay brothers are definitely on a roll, expanding this year into Eastham with a fish market that follows one in Truro and the original Mac's Seafood on the town pier. By now, the Shack seems to run itself, with black-clad waitresses adroitly ducking here and there, taking orders, wielding heavy platters, but I know the maestro is somewhere in the background - or, rather, kitchen - coordinating the dance. Sven and I had not eaten at the Shack for a while. First off, we noticed more black in the decor. Elegant menus and stunning black and white prints on the walls, taken by local architectural photographer Bill Lyons. As an appetizer, we had mussels, steamed with scallions, garlic, and morel mushrooms, the evening's special. Yummy! Sven then ordered fish and chips. I had broiled scallops. I must admit we did not do the menu justice. The choices are vast and exotic. Of particular note are the sushi options and the martinis, with an oyster or Spicy Tuna/Mango. With awe, I watched a sushi master form ingredients into a roll. “Where did you find your sushi chefs?” I asked Mac. Three were busy creating beside us. “Actually Ichi, who has been with us since the beginning, I found him on the Internet!” Mac replied, still amazed at his good fortune. We have had guests who have dined at Mac’s Shack their first night and refused to let me suggest other options, that’s how enamored they were of the experience. For dessert, Sven and I shared a marvelous chocolate-orange tart. Throughout dinner I kept thinking of TV Diner on NECN. Billy Costa needs to check out this restaurant. I give it a gold plate!