Friday, May 15, 2009

Cape Cool Heats Up this May

Wellfleet's Public Library will soon have a solar-panel system on its roof. The project began last year with a burst of generosity: $30,000 provided by an anonymous donor. Other individuals and organizations have also helped raise money, including Cape Cool. When the going gets tough, the folks who care about climate really get going. Cape Cool was present at Oysterfest. They also marched in the Independence Day parade. You may have admired their oh-so-cool t-shirts or even purchased one. 2009 has seen new growth and aspirations. First off, Cape Cool now has its own Web site which is worth a visit, if, for nothing else, to learn from the cool photo of the Wellfleet Swap Shop, one of Sven’s favorite places, that the building once was Dan Silverman’s home! The recycling Commission's ECO EXPO will take place at the Recycling and Transfer Station tomorrow, May 16. This free event sounds fascinating, with cool info on solar showers, local food, worm bins, water barrels, community garden news, and much, much more. The 16th annual yard sale, always very cool, is scheduled for May 23, 8 to 3. Harriet Jerusha Korim reports plans for a Planet Town Meeting with town, county, state and federal representatives.