Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preservation Hall to Hold Birdhouse Auction

Mark your calendars for a great upcoming event to benefit Wellfleet’s Preservation Hall. Sunday, May 24th, ie. the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, Preservation Hall will hold an auction of original birdhouses (Birdhouse Sanctuaries) created by fellow citizens of Wellfleet, for the most part, from salvaged materials from the old Catholic Church and rectory. The auction will have a $15 entry fee, but this money will be put to good use: funds are still needed to complete renovation of our new community center. Bird expert Vern Laux will speak at a 11 o'clock breakfast in the garden, behind the hall. There is something special about making a birdhouse. Perhaps it awakens the child in all of us who wonders where birds go at night to sleep? I notice birdhouses a lot these days. Someone put up a series of bluebird houses near the entrance to the transfer station. As far as I can tell from a distance no birds have taken up residence so far. I have been shopping for an original birdhouse for weeks to place in the yew outside the Green Room window. Here’s an opportunity to house my chickadees and contribute to our community center!