Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why Check Out Harmon Gallery – Exciting Art!

One of our favorite galleries in town is Harmon Gallery, located in the same sturdy red building as Quiet Mind Studio, behind Mac’s Shack. Harmon Gallery belongs to Traci Harmon Hay, who chooses artwork with gallery director Vincent Amicosante. At Harmon Gallery, either Vincent or Traci will be on hand to guide you through an intimate experience of art appreciation, and there’s nothing quite like seeing art with the artist who created it. Over the years I have admired Traci’s watercolors that reveal her to be an attentive young mother as well as a talented artist. She participated in the Preservation Hall chicken coop tour last month and recently has been painting oils of, guess what, chickens! You can read all about her other work in the 2011 edition of Cape Arts Review.

Vincent Amicosante is Traci’s lackadaisical partner. This adjective fits only because of the way Vincent sits on the gallery porch, very laid-back and observant of the world around him, as any good artist should be. He paints large complicated landscapes, inspired by visits to Tuscany, among other places. Sven sees a lot of Dali in the paintings. Vincent uses unexpected images that are superimposed on traditional landscapes in a way that draws the viewer in. Provocative? Fun? I’d say both. These skillfully created canvases always raise questions in my mind. We hope to add an Amicosante to our collection some day. Vincent and Traci have chosen to do limited openings this summer. The first, this Saturday, will showcase the work of Cynthia Guild, above right, on the right, and Heather Pilchard. The reception is from 5 to 7. Daniel Maffia will be the star August 6, another opening I do not want to miss. Then, on August 27th, the season will close with new work by Vincent and Traci.

No post about Harmon Gallery would be complete with a reminder that Traci graciously offered her space for the April show of work by Caleb Potter and several brain-injured friends.

The gallery is following a new European style schedule for 2011,
being closed from 1:30 - 3:30. Don’t miss Harmon Gallery on your next walk through downtown Wellfleet!