Thursday, July 07, 2011

Please Support the MA Safer Alternatives Bill

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon at my computer, composing a letter to the Chairs of the Joint-Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture. My letter explains why I support the Safer Alternatives bill and urge its passage in the MA House and Senate. The Safer Alternatives bill seeks to regulate toxic chemicals in everyday products here in our forward-thinking state of Massachusetts. The first hearing on the bill will take place July 12. Now that I have finished my letter, I am ready to help others with theirs.

Your letter can be much shorter than mine. Worry about BPA? Say so. Concerned when you see a friend using Windex? Let legislators know. Are you unlucky enough to have developed chemical sensitivities? Explain how the experience changed your life. What is important is to let legislators know citizens care about this issue.

There are lots of nasty toxic chemicals in everyday products: plastic water bottles, for instance. Furniture. Shampoo. Cosmetics. Yesterday, when I went to our new Wellfleet pharmacy, I saw Coppertone for sale and mentioned to the staff that next year their vote should go to one of the alternative and safer products listed in the Environmental Working Group Sunscreen Database. Today I received an email from the U.N.'s Safe Planet group about toxic dust in Boston buildings, dust that can cause reproductive problems. We need to do something about this situation now.

I will be your free scribe and editor. Have telephone and Mac, will use them.

If you prefer the online form, it can be easily filled out here.

Please take a moment to let legislators know you want chemicals like BPA regulated. We need to change the system. We need commonsense laws based on the precautionary principle. We need passage of the Safer Alternatives bill. Please help. Thank you!