Friday, July 22, 2011

10 Surprising Things about Innkeeping

1.) Some people think nothing of calling after normal business hours, ie. as if Chez Sven were a hotel, open 24/7.
2.) Strangers will drop by and expect to be able to tour the premises.
3.) Some guests equate innkeepers with maids.
4.) No one has ever asked if our scrambled eggs get cooked in Teflon.
5.) Nor have they asked who the General’s Green Room is named after.
6.) Some guests think nothing of making a racket when they return after midnight, which is not appropriate since the B&B is also a home.
7.) Some guests bring and take drugs. How do I know? A couple flushed leftovers down the toilet, and the capsules did not disintegrate.
8.) People expect B&B hosts to be experts on accommodation in town, including the motels, and will sound irritated over the phone if I’m unable to name the “best” motel around.
9.) I expected our guests to be middle-aged, but actually most are young.
10.) Innkeepers get to meet some really nice people!