Wednesday, July 06, 2011

New Pharmacy Opens in Wellfleet

After years of being obliged to fight traffic in the summer to obtain prescriptions from persnickety CVS personnel in Orleans, Wellfleetians now can go to the pharmacy, operated by Outer Cape Health, at the intersection of Main Street and Route 6, open year round. I went in yesterday to check things out, on foot. No car needed. The look is clean and sleek. The attitude is straight forward, no messing around here, folks. Just what this town lacked. (And, may I remind you, the creation of a local pharmacy was a recommendation of the Economic Development Committee, of which I am a member?)

Need cough drops? They’ve got them. Have a tummy ache? Check out the Tums aisle. Forget to bring your favorite vitamins? They stock those, too. The Outer Cape Health Pharmacy even carries diapers and elder briefs. I got the distinct impression that this new operation cares about its customers and will stock items that we request, as long as the requests remain reasonable. Place an order today and Rachel Hanscom will call you tomorrow.

I asked how business has been this week.

“People are thrilled,” Rachel told me. “We’ve been very busy since we opened.”

So, what about the prescriptions already in the clutches of some other pharmacist? No problem. Simply give OCHS Pharmacy a call on 508 214 0187 and the transfer will be made. How cool is that?

A big thank you to everyone involved!