Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Blogs Feature Wellfleet?

With the heat wave approaching, let’s dream for a minute of winter, and some of my posts about the season Wellfleetians hoard all summer as a marvelous secret. The beauty of snow on sand, the amazing sunsets visible from the pier or Mayo Beach, shopping at Marketplace and not needing to elbow one’s way down the aisles.

Often B&B guests ask me, “But, what’s it like here in the winter months?”

“Quiet?” I respond. “Peaceful. Beautiful.”

I know a lot of readers stay in touch with the town they love through this blog. Did you know there are others? Today I thought we would do a summary of local blogs. Check them out ….

The newest local blog is brought to you by Winslow’s Tavern, one of my favorite places to eat. Our guests had dinner there last night and reported excellent striped bass. Yum! Fellow Vassar alum Tracey Barry Hunt is in charge of the blog, which gets written by Katie, her assistant. There's an interesting post up about Wild, Wild Wellfleet right now. Winslow's updates its blog weekly.

Mac’s Seafood also sports a blog as of a few months ago, although the latest entry is more an advertisement than a post. An earlier entry covered ocean pollution and blue-fin tuna. That’s the problem: it’s hard to run a business and write a blog at the same time, not to mention keeping up with daily life which demands time from young parents like Mac & Traci (Mac’s) and Tracey & Philip (Winslow’s).

Did I mention Preservation Hall asked me to write a Prez. Hall blog, as a volunteer activity? I had to decline. Blogging takes time, effort, commitment. And, I already write Wellfleet Today. One blog is enough, don't you think?

Here are half a dozen more blogs, set in Wellfleet:

The Southfleet Motel has run a blog in past years. I was disappointed to see it has not been updated since July 2010.

The Beachcomber offers Beachcomber addicts occasional news. The latest entry comments on Independence Day weekend, and is worth reading, especially the part on traffic, but again, the whole point is to advertise what’s happening at Cahoon Hollow, which is fine, but not something easy to sustain all year, since the popular restaurant closes after Labor Day.

Susan writes Trout Towers with tongue-in-cheek verve, but unfortunately has not been writing as often as in 2007, the year she started blogging. As I mentioned earlier, life gets in the way.

In my search for local blogs, I discovered First Vacation Rental Blog, which was last updated in April, and seems to focus on useful information, as well as summer rentals.

The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary used to have its own blog about the process of green renovation, but the updates were discontinued once the project ended.

Sharyn Lindsay still writes occasionally about life with her son Caleb Potter.

Bruce Bierhans covers all matters legal at Cape Cod Barrister.

SurfWellfleet lists an assortment of local blogs on its home page.

And, no round-up would be complete without special mention for Elspeth Hay, who writes Diary of a Locavore, a superb food blog, created by an excellent local writer. If you do not read it, you should.

Now, your turn. What are your favorites? Which Wellfleet blogs did I miss?