Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hearing the Hum ...

I must admit to having been surprised by my own emotion as I drove down what I consider the homestretch – the half mile from WHAT to the turn-off at Old King’s Highway – after two months away. I felt excited to be back in Wellfleet, if only for a few days. My eyes ate up the familiar buildings – Narrowland Pottery on the left, Cumberland Farms on the right – then the long expanse of sand of what used to be PJs parking lot, still awaiting new pavement. I noticed the Mobil station will soon be functional again, a good thing because the town needs more than one gas station. Last Friday Sven and I took a dump break around 1. I paid a bill at town hall, picked up two books at the library, then stopped at Wellfleet Marketplace for a gallon of milk, nothing exceptional, and yet I was happy. Our quiet little town seemed to hum to me: Glad you’re back! Glad you’re back! Glad you’re back! During this short excursion, I managed to connect with two friends and say hello to two blog readers. Later Sven and I drove past Long Pond, austere in its winter beauty. I must return to Boston for a couple days, but Sven doesn’t want to leave Cape Cod. Who could blame him?

Do you react this way to a place? How does it feel to see Wellfleet after a long winter away?