Friday, March 11, 2011

B&B Etiquette: When Questions are Not Appropriate

Innkeepers can expect to answer questions but should not be considered as the local go-to information source. Take the phone call I received yesterday, for instance:

CALLER: “I’m flying into Provincetown next week and need to rent a car.”

ME: “Are you staying at Chez Sven?”

CALLER: “No, but I had your number.”

ME: “So, where are you staying?”

CALLER: “At an RCI.”

ME: “Why don’t you ask them then?”

CALLER: “I don’t know how to reach anyone. Do you know if there are rental cars available in Provincetown?”

ME: “Usually, yes. At the airport. Enterprise, I think.”

CALLER: “I called and they said they were closed for the season.”

ME: “I suggest you call the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce.”

The woman hangs up on me, without so much as a thank-you. This is innkeeping, too. No wonder innkeepers burn out fast!