Friday, March 18, 2011

A March Day in the Life

How hard it was to wake up this morning at 7:15! We have guests who needed breakfast at 8:30, so I had set the alarm. At their request, I made French toast, to accompany organic fruit salad with yogurt. We chatted for an hour or so. Then they left for Provincetown, and I worked at the computer until my appointment with dramaturg Dan Lombardo to review a play I had written five years ago, an opportunity I won in the winter auction at WHAT. Back at the house, two boxes had arrived, goat milk soap from Alabu for cottage guests and liquid soap from Trillium Organics. (I love receiving amenities. It feels like Christmas!)

After lunch, Sven and I loaded the car and off we went to the dump. Tracey Barry Hunt, of Winslow’s Tavern, happened to be in the Swap Shop when I dropped off an old coffee pot. She told me Winslow’s will open May 15th, that she has six more weeks with her kids before intensive work days demand all her time.

Back at the house, I worked in the garden, raking leaves and removing detritus from winter while Sven sanded a table. We were hoping to hear from potential guests, who had requested Seagull Cottage this weekend, but they never called back.

Then it was time for dinner, goat stew with potatoes. Over a glass of wine, Sven explained that France and England are pushing for intervention in Libya because that country is the main source of their oil. We talked about the current situation in Japan and how difficult it is to raise children these days, so much more complicated than when we were young parents. What does one say with regard to the possibility of nuclear disaster? How does one ensure food is safe for consumption? I would have been a nervous wreck with all the perils of daily life, and my kids would have sensed my distress.

Finally, we discussed the impossible dream of our current guests, who hope to retire and become innkeepers, not as easy a retirement as they seem to think. Innkeeping is hard work!