Thursday, March 24, 2011

Should the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Be Shut Down?

If I climbed this small dune at Newcomb Hollow Beach and had Superman-vision, I could zero in on the closest nuclear plant to Cape Cod, Pilgrim, in Plymouth. I have never been in favor of nuclear power. After the events in Japan, I know that I am against it and hope Pilgrim will not get its permit renewed in 2012. (Read a good analysis of the situation in this article by Patrick Cassidy.)

Zeep, who reads this blog, sent the following information to share: “Here is the link that you must read to understand what is happening now in Japan, and has happened elsewhere in the past since the advent of the use of nuclear fission for weapons, two of which were dropped in the form of atomic bombs by the USA in Japan in 1945, that resulted in ending WW II. The nine nuclear weapon countries have more than 5,000 atomic bombs ready to use that would kill virtually all life on Earth if even one hundred or fewer were used to bomb targets anywhere on Earth. Likewise multiple failures of the over 400 existing nuclear power plants on Earth would likely have the same cataclysmic result but perhaps a slower death rate. Row row your boat merrily down the stream with stupid political leaders at the bull horn and suffer the consequences or speak out and take action as if your and your children's lives were at risk. They are!”

I was very moved by the statements made last week by a Russian scientist who cleaned up Chernobyl. Finally, here's a worthwhile summary in the Japan Times and a recommendation from the UN. The people of Japan need our help. Find out how you can help at Todd's Wanderings.

The predominant direction of the winds here in Wellfleet is from the West. If there were another accident at the Pilgrim plant, which is the same model as Fukushima Daiichi, nuclear fall-out would probably hit Cape Cod.

What do you think? Should Pilgrim be decommissioned?