Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NStar Lays Claim to Power Lines

Last fall, after the summer crowds had departed, fence posts suddenly popped up along roads bordering the power lines, including Long Pond Road, shown above. What was going on? My neighbor Marla Rice tried to find out. NStar told her fences were going up across Cape Cod, wherever there was access to the power lines. Apparently people have been dumping old furniture and garbage. (You seen any dumped furniture in Wellfleet? Me, neither.) In the event of an emergency, it was important to keep dirt bikes out. (Bikers can simply walk around the fences, if they see fit, trampling native vegetation.) Further, there had already been a "bad incident" out west where two trucks blocked access. NStar has a "mandate" to control vegetation. Marla added that the NStar official said his company intended to "work with homeowners and give them the keys." She checked with John Connor and did not pursue the issue when he confirmed. "I hated the look and feel of them," Marla added. I can only agree. I checked at town hall, and NStar did not consult with any Selectmen. The utility company simply made up its mind and acted.

The sign above says Property of NStar. Actually, the land does not belong to the utility company. The utility company simply has easements. The real "property of NStar" is the ugly metal gate that defiles the landscape and National Seashore.

What do you think of the fences and metal gates?