Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Letter to the Editor Published by the Banner

"Thanks go out to Cape Cod delegation members Cleon Turner, Sarah Peake, and Timothy Madden who, last week, filed House Docket 3587, An Act Relative to Vegetation Management. As citizens in Wisconsin grapple with legislators, Senator Scott Brown crosses the country, absorbed in memoir promotion, and Governor Patrick visits Israel, after trips to Colorado and the nation's capital, it was refreshing to have local legislators conduct business that truly matters to their constituents.

Reps. Turner, Peake, and Madden took steps to stop NStar from spraying up to five herbicides under power lines. (Federal law obliges the utility company to remove vegetation but does not require the use of endocrine-disrupting chemicals.) Cape Cod has reason to rejoice because local legislators care about the potential contamination of our sole-source aquifer, from which we draw drinking water, listen to concerned citizens, and take action on our behalf. Bravo!

A day later, the Cape Cod Commission obtained a moratorium with NStar through December 2011. This is good news, but not enough. We need to insist that the utility company use alternative means of vegetation management. It is time for everyone to look into alternatives regarding their own use of herbicides as well. This week 40,000 scientists urged greater oversight over chemicals by federal agencies, mentioning subtle impact on the human body. I have learned so much since I started studying this issue in 2009 due to NStar's spraying plan. Traces of toxic chemicals in our bodies disrupt our endocrine system and lead to disease.

Support a healthy Cape Cod. Join the movement to reject herbicides and other toxic chemicals today!"