Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What's New On the Bookshelf?

A friend mentioned Suzanne Somers’s new book Knockout, so I picked up a copy in one of those buy 2, get second at 50% off sales at Borders. While Knockout is not a literary masterpiece, I found the interviews with doctors who practice alternative medicine worthwhile. Living in Barnstable County, where the breast cancer rate is high, I feel we should all become better informed on how to avoid getting cancer in the first place. I was struck by the number of doctors interviewed who mention the damage toxic chemicals can cause to our bodies and DNA. I wish more scientists would speak up on this matter. In a Washington Post article dated March 4th, Lyndsey Layton reports that “40,000 researchers and clinicians urged federal agencies responsible for the safety of chemicals to examine the subtle impact a chemical might have on the human body rather than simply ask whether it is toxic.” It’s a relief to see people catching on. We need to eliminate toxins from our lives if we want to survive. One tip I gleaned from Knockout is that anyone with cancer should immediately remove all sugar from his/her diet. Have you read this book? Do you worry about cancer? Do you have friends or family members who have cancer? Are you a cancer survivor?