Sunday, October 03, 2010

Update on PB Boulangerie Bistro

Good news: PB will soon open again for lunch! And, it's easier to get a reservation for dinner now that October has arrived. Future guests even reported success for next Saturday, which is totally amazing when you consider two weeks ago Valeria was still saying, "We have five o'clock, or nine thirty."

Sven and I have not had a chance to go, although I have heard plenty of glowing reports. Advance reservations for Wednesday through Sunday nights is tough for innkeepers in the fall, when more guests seem to arrive in the evening.

I was trying to explain this to Boris yesterday. He looked very disappointed that we have not yet experienced "la cuisine francaise de PB." I was speaking French, because the people, standing in line, were throwing me strange glances for having drawn the baker over to one side, and I wanted our conversation to remain private. With his chef's toque, Boris has become part of the show. I'm so impressed by Wellfleet's young French baker, who wakes up at four a.m. to start preparing the bread. What a splendid job he does!

I have also heard PB will close for two months this winter, probably January and February, also good news because the owners will probably journey to the land of "gastronomie" and return refreshed, ready to make many more feathery croissants and succulent crepes ...