Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thoughts on Erosion at Newcomb Hollow Beach

When Sven and I went for our walk today, we chose Newcomb Hollow. The beach has become wider, as erosion moved sand up from Marconi and Cahoon towards the tip of the Cape. Since the tide was low at noon, we could walk right along the shore. Pussycat waves lapped at our feet. Anyone familiar with this beach will recognize how strange it looks in the photo above, and totally out of proportion. The sand level has risen so that the parking lot is only a dozen feet away. As a result, the beach appears misshapen and contorted, just as does our democracy before election day, 2010. I watched Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert at the mall on television this afternoon. They put on a mighty effort. Will insanity win out on Tuesday? While I am not totally satisfied with what President Obama's "change we can believe in" turned out to be, I understand how difficult the task of reversing direction in two short years must be. I am baffled by the hordes of people who, according to the polls, will abandon ship on Tuesday and return a Republican majority to Congress. Seems to me the Republicans were responsible for the mess our country is in. I hope Jon Stewart is right that most Americans are as perplexed by the media hype and cable TV pundits as I am. Jon Stewart used a traffic jam at the entrance to a tunnel to explain how most people behave. They are courteous to fellow drivers. They go about their daily lives with reason. They are not surprised to find the light at the other end of the tunnel is not the promised land but only New Jersey. I hope those people will vote on Tuesday.