Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Plastic Flowers, Teddy Bears & Peanuts = Memorial?

Road news today, important to anyone driving to Wellfleet from Rhode Island, Connecticut and points south. The Bourne Bridge is under construction starting yesterday and through mid-December. So Oysterfest visitors, plan accordingly. The slow-down will last two months. The Sagamore to Route 6 becomes the wiser option for traffic.

From Route 6, occasionally the driver can observe tributes to crash victims. Flowers, stuffed animals, candles are placed by the side of the road where a loved one has died. We have such a memorial for Rick Townsend at the bottom of Old King’s Highway. His loved ones periodically jazz up the site. I’m not crazy about driving by images from Peanuts on a regular basis and feel ambivalent about this type of thing in general, although I know it must hold meaning for family members.

Route 6, from Orleans to Dennis, is known as “suicide alley.” I understand the mourners, who, in grief, put out plastic flowers but do not think folks should go in for yearly maintenance of these sites. What's your take on highway memorials to crash victims?