Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Makes a Good Innkeeper?

The season is drawing to a close. Time to think back over all the guests we have had since May and reflect on what makes a good innkeeper. Here are some necessary character traits:

1.) Flexibility
2.) Interest in people/social ability
3.) Patience
4.) High standard of cleanliness or ability to be meticulous on demand
5.) Generosity (you must share your space with strangers)
6.) Ability to say no (Sven fails this one)
7.) Fluency in several languages
8.) Willingness to share knowledge of the surroundings
9.) Ability to carve out a niche that is unique
10.) Ability to self-promote
11.) Organizational skills
12.) Empathy/ability to listen

Most of these traits are self-explanatory. Sven helped me draw up this list. Can you think of anything we forgot?