Monday, October 04, 2010

Fun Activities For a Rainy October Day in Wellfleet

Sven and I walked at LeCount last week on a day when the weather was quite iffy. We managed to reach Marconi, but the cold wind made for quite a struggle. The sand on the dunes had collected in neat pockets, and signs of erosion were everywhere. Stones on the beach had been chiseled into place.

Today beyond iffy is forecast: 70% chance of rain. It has been windy all night.

“It reminds me of walking in the Sinai, with the sand hitting your feet,” Sven said last week, when I took these photos.

Indeed, it felt like an army of sand creatures had risen up and were throwing tiny projectiles at our bare feet.

Hopefully, the weatherman will be wrong about today's nor’easter.

Here are a dozen fun things to do on a rainy October day while staying in Seagull Cottage:

1.) Sleep late.
2.) Start a loaf of homemade bread.
3.) Go to the library and borrow a book.
4.) Watch the surf from an ocean beach parking lot.
5.) Walk on the beach in rain gear.
6.) Soak in the tub with herbal bubble bath from Kneipp.
7.) Snuggle beside the fireplace with the library book.
8.) Make chocolate-chip cookies, then eat them.
9.) Watch a DVD from our great collection of independent films.
10.) Bake the bread, which has risen twice.
11.) Walk around the marina, holding an umbrella, once the wind dies down.
12.) Have a cup of chowder at the Bookstore's bar …

Does the weather matter to you at the beach?