Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spiffed-Up Green Room Ready for New Season

Sometimes guests offer suggestions on possible changes to our accommodations. I always try to listen and do my best to follow through, if improvement is indeed possible. Today I would like to share suggestions made for the Green Room over the past two years, suggestions which I took to heart and acted on last week.

Everyone loves the yellow wallpaper from England and the salvaged Original Style tile in the bathroom, but this room, in the northern wing of the house, proved too dark for some people’s taste. Solved! Yesterday I removed the heavy drapes and installed wood blinds. Next, I need to find some soft lacy curtains for the curtain rods. (Anyone know of a good source, NOT made in China?)

Another issue was lack of a chest of drawers for long-term guests, reluctant to live out of suitcases. Solved! Check out the antique highboy that does the trick.

Finally, this spring a guest from Great Britain, suffering from jet lag, requested a kettle for early morning tea. Solved! I placed a small table in the closet underneath the refrigerator.

In order to make these improvements, we traded the television for radio and books.

What do you think of the room now?