Friday, April 16, 2010

Chez Sven Featured in Currents Magazine

Across the sea lies ..... Portugal, a country that will soon have a problem with its airspace due to volcanic ash from Iceland. (My daughter is on vacation this week in Spain. Hope she can make it home this weekend!) Sven told me about the airborne ash two days ago, when the news appeared in the Swedish newspapers online, since the ash was then affecting flights in Kiruna, where he used to live. It's hard to realize a volcanic explosion, like the one that shook Indonesia in 1882, could happen again. This smaller amount of Icelandic ash serves as a bleak reminder.

Swedes all over the world, like Sven, will be using laptops and computers to check for the latest news. Perhaps some of them will also pull up the new online edition of Currents and discover the feature article by Hans Sanberg about our bed & breakfast? The article is in English, so please take a look and share your impressions in the comment space below.