Tuesday, April 06, 2010

An April Day in the Life

Bright and early this morning, I drove down the highway to the French bakery and purchased bread for our Green Room guests, who arrived Sunday from Belgium. Again, there was a line. Again, I had to wait. People were buying pastries, macaroons, cups of coffee for consumption outside, in the sunshine.

"Valerie," I said to the owner when it was finally my turn. "Me thinks you need a separate line for bread!"

She nodded and handed me my change.

It would be nice to offer fresh bread every morning, but perhaps it's time to start baking bread again myself?

Today I will be fielding emails for reservations. Yesterday I took Sven to have new hearing aids fitted. This morning I return to the dentist. One of the disadvantages of living on the Outer Cape is the necessity to travel by car to reach doctors, all clustered around Hyannis, forty minutes away. I will also weed the garden, since it will be mulched this weekend. This week has reminded me how much there is to do as an innkeeper. Finding time to write and read blogs becomes more problematic ...