Saturday, January 16, 2010

What’s Happening in Wellfleet?

Yesterday the harbor was partially frozen. Now that the temperature is above freezing, the snow and ice are melting fast. Lots of folks in town for the three-day weekend. We actually had to turn away a couple since I was not here this morning, and Sven is still in recovery mode. If you are wondering what to do this evening, how about dinner, to benefit charities helping in Haiti, at the new Eastham restaurant Messina? After that, check out The Elephant Man at WHAT. Director Susan Grilli, of Counter Productions, is a friend of mine. She does excellent work, so don’t miss this award-winning play.

I went off Cape today and wanted to report what I saw: on all the bridges above Route 3 stood hefty men lustily waving American flags, beside enormous signs bearing the name of Martha Coakley’s adversary in the Senate race. I have never seen this type of enthusiasm here, which makes me think the sudden surge by the Republican candidate, reported in yesterday's polls, is due to an influx of Tea Partiers. What a shame no one was astute enough to realize the risk ahead of time! If you listen closely to the television ads, a lot of what is being said about Martha is simply erroneous. President Obama is coming to Boston tomorrow to support her, but the damage may already have been done. How tragic if this devious campaign for Ted Kennedy's seat were to succeed. I urge you to call friends in Massachusetts and make sure they get out and vote on Tuesday. Spread the word!!!