Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bonus Post: Erosion at Truro Beaches & Nicotine Bees

Ten days ago I posted a trailer for the documentary "Nicotine Bees" and, to my regret, only three people commented on this important New Year’s post. (SNIF! SOB! SNIFFLE-SNIFFLE.) Two days ago Sonia Shah wrote about how pesticides, and specifically those very same neonicotinoids described on my blog, may be affecting bees. Please read the article, picked up, apparently, by Yale Environment 360. (YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!)

If you have not yet admired the very old bottle, discovered at Ballston Beach, please also see my earlier post today. Sven and I were in Truro for some cheap beach thrills. For those of you unfamiliar with Cape geography, Truro is located midway between Wellfleet and Provincetown. Celebrity homeowners include Sebastian Junger. Ben Affleck bought his mom a house here. Truro has been in the news because of erosion from last weekend's storm. Here locals gawk at the house now dramatically perched behind the dune...