Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bonus Post: Gray Days in Wellfeet …

Sven is watching television images of England, brought to a halt by a snowstorm. He spoke to some friends today in Sweden, huddled under a down comforter, due to extreme cold, determined not to raise the heat in their mansion. The weather seems to be on everyone’s mind. Will it snow again this weekend? How many inches? Old King's Highway is so slick Stephen Colbert’s Olympic bobsledders could use it for practice runs.

A first tenant is occupying the K/G house, in the Seashore. I hope the Cape Cod Modern House Trust organized snow removal. Tenants this summer will not have that problem. (It is now possible to rent this marvelous restored three-bedroom house for $5000/week, $3000 of which is tax-deductible. For details go here and download information on the right.) Northeast Pond is probably frozen this week, but next summer it will look gloriously azure blue.

Wellfleet is one place that is very influenced by sunshine. When the sun shines, a pond’s surface reflects the luminosity, the ocean turns green-blue. If clouds tumble across the sky, pond water looks gray, as does Cape Cod Bay. Most of the buildings here are shingled with wood. Without sunshine, they appear drab and uninteresting. What a difference weather makes!

A bright light did show up along Route 6 today. Philippe and Boris, owners of PB Boulangerie Bistro, hung out their shingle, indicating business will soon be starting up. I noticed the plumbing inspector's truck parked outside. Only a matter of days now. I can't wait to tell my friends in France. Everyone will want to come and try Wellfleet's spanking new restaurant. Cuisine française, anyone?