Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Article on Cape Cod Appears in Latitudes/Life

Edward Hopper has always been a favorite artist of ours, so I jumped at the opportunity to accommodate an Italian photo-journalist, on Hopper’s trail during fall, 2008. His article has finally been published. The online magazine is called Latitudes/ Life. You may not be able to read Italian, but check it out all the same. The photo collages are quite exceptional, melding Hopper paintings with Lucio’s photographs. The article starts on page 51.

I went bayside today, to photograph Hopper’s house for this post. His small, traditional Cape Codder is flanked by two monstrous houses now. One stands quite close by. A second, more recent structure, is low to the ground and further away, but it's construction prompted Truro to action, protecting the rest of the surrounding area. From the design, I doubt the owners intended any offense. Still, these two houses do dwarf Hopper’s humble abode.

Do you think construction on such sites should be limited to preserve the landscape as it was during the artist’s lifetime?