Sunday, January 03, 2010

First Guests of 2010 (almost) Swept Out to Sea!

We had our first guests of the year this weekend. I tried to convince them to change their plans due to the weather forecast, accept a credit and come in the spring instead, but no go. These hearty folks had decided to take a road trip from Philadelphia to Cape Cod, with stops along the way, and that was what they did. The purpose of the winter trip? To see the ocean. (You’d be surprised at how many people crave salt air and sand between their toes. I know, I know. Too damn cold for sand between the toes, but it’s the idea that provides the motivation.)

Our guests got their money’s worth. At noon yesterday, the ocean put on quite a show with twelve-foot waves crashing behind them, on what was left of the beach at extreme high tide. Imagine trying to take a photo! The husband took a step backwards, in an attempt to get both the wild surf and himself in the shot at once, and offered up a smile but before he could say cheese, a wave knocked him down. The couple returned to Chez Sven, feeling rather sheepish, not because of this dunking but rather due to the fact the wife had managed to capture only her husband’s booted feet on film, what with the emotion of almost losing him to the sea. I threw long johns, socks, and trousers in the drier while they took a breather. Not discouraged one bit, our guests headed back out an hour later, destination, Dyer Pond, after sandwich and soup at Box Lunch ...

Their final challenge will be driving to Providence today on snowy roads. Snow is still falling as I write. There are several inches on the ground, and Old King's Highway has not been plowed. How fortunate some guests seem to thrive on adventure!