Saturday, January 02, 2010

Chezsven Blog Starts Fifth Year!

I wrote a first post on January 2, 2006. 80,000 hits later, Chezsven Blog is still going strong. Along the way, it acquired a second name – thanks to a regular reader, who linked to this blog, calling it Wellfleet Today on the first page of her own site – and expanded in scope to include more coverage of environmental issues. (I thought of starting a separate blog but decided against it. Since Chez Sven is a green bed & breakfast, covering green topics seems like a logical progression.) Chezsven Blog now has 31 followers. Individual posts have received up to 20 comments and 400 hits/per day of issue. Wellfleet has fans all over the world. Some of them stay in touch with this beautiful place through my writing and photos. Chezsven Blog hasn’t won any awards, but the appreciative looks of movers and shakers in town, tell me I must be doing something right. What can readers look forward to in 2010? Hopefully even better photos, thanks to my children, who gave me an amazing digital camera for Christmas. I will try to respond to questions raised in the comment section, follow Sven on walks at the beach, when the weather permits, explore Wellfleet, and report on life as a green innkeeper. Thanks for your continued interest!