Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wind Turbines & Warm Weather in Wellfleet

Above is a view of White Crest Beach this winter. Now the snow has all melted, thank goodness! Today the sun is shining over Cape Cod, despite the forecast for rain. This warm weather makes us all feel happy-go-lucky, so this weekend, with its record temperatures, will be perfect for taking in an independent film at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors’ Theater. (WHAT has just announced which plays will be performed this season, so do check out the 2009 schedule while on the site.) Sven and I have already seen Mike Leigh’s Happy Go Lucky. We have always enjoyed Leigh’s films. It is hard to leave the theater after this one without a smile. Wind turbines also put a smile on my face, so I was delighted to hear details of the project to place three wind turbines at White Crest Beach parking lot during the CED meeting Tuesday. Today's Cape Cod Times reports on President Obama's Earth Day speech about offshore wind turbines. The wind turbines along the coast of Denmark always made me feel powerful. There is a by-law on the town warrant to permit them here in Wellfleet, and I hope it will pass. The Energy Committee speaker, Jim Sexton, experienced with wind turbines, told us White Crest is one of the best sites he has ever seen. Sven and I watched hang-gliders from New Hampshire last week as they swooped down over the White Crest parking lot, enjoying one of the most perfect locations for hang-gliding in New England, and were able to witness the power of the wind. How awesome if it could be harnessed and provide power for the municipal buildings in Wellfleet and other Cape towns!