Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quiet Mind Studio Holds Yoga Retreat This May!

Need to quiet your mind? Head for Wellfleet in mid-May for the yoga retreat at Quiet Mind Studio. As a child, Zack Dixon never could have imagined that one day he would teach yoga in the old red building, right across the street from home, but when a gallery gave up its lease, friends urged him to seize the moment and turn the space into a new community-oriented wellness center, which is exactly what he did. Local builder Andrew Parkington created a large room with pillars and arches. Yoga practitioners access this room via a long corridor and anti-chamber where they discover detailed descriptions of Quiet Mind masseuses (three permanent and up to ten in summer) and sign up for yoga classes. Further inside the building is a central desk, between two massage rooms, where Zack coordinates events. Wife Settie suggested the color scheme for the main room beyond: saffron walls with butter-cream trim, silver-grey ceiling, and dark cherry floors, purple mats and sign, which all contribute to the incredibly peaceful atmosphere and sense of well-being. When I spoke to Zack, he sat at his computer, creating flyers for the upcoming Yoga Retreat. I admired a drawing by his daughter on the bulletin board, as well as greeting cards and recent press. Quiet Mind Studio is doing quite well, indeed, as it starts a third year of operation. Zack took up yoga seriously in 2000. He chose Iyengar yoga and trained with Patricia Walden in Boston. Zack had taught yoga for six years in Wellfleet, and many of his students followed him to Quiet Mind. Around ten people attend a typical session in the off-peak months. Forty have been known to sign up for a single class in summer, but the usual number is twenty. Zack says that striving for continuity is a challenge with yoga practitioners of different levels coming and going. This is one of the reasons Quiet Mind is offering a Yoga Retreat, Escape to the Cape, May 15, 16, and 17. Gift certificates are also available for massage and body work. For more information, visit Quiet Mind Studio. Zack Dixon is very much in tune with our community and sees the future of Quiet Mind as a venue for meditation groups, stress relief, and writing workshops, as well as, of course, more yoga.