Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Castle Hill Issues New Catalog

Today the Truro Center for the Arts Castle Hill Catalog of Spring and Summer Workshops arrived in the mail. Inside I learned that 2009 is a very special year for Truro, the 300th anniversary of its founding. Castle Hill will celebrate with a two-day festival featuring 300 artists who have painted Truro landscapes and sites. The paintings will be available for purchase. In perusing the catalog, I noticed more art classes and fewer writing courses, perhaps a nod to the success of the Fine Arts Work Center in P-town. I took a course at Castle Hill many years ago, in photography. The leader, Joel Meyerowitz, seems to still be wandering around the Truro countryside with students, cameras in hand. This year the group will meet at Pamet crossing, which means they will probably photograph the Pamet River, above. I made note of the Wednesday afternoon activities for the whole family and will recommend them to summer guests immediately.