Friday, April 10, 2009

Perfect Weather for a Bike Ride

“Wellfleet is rural. Chez Sven is known for its hospitality and warmth. Our bed & breakfast is the perfect place to relax, your home away from home, the ideal spot for a holiday.” Did you know that the above four sentences use words that Europeans think of when about to search for accommodation in the United State? This weekend we have guests from Britain in the cottage and folks from Sweden in the Green Room. It is still too cold to offer Liberty Coin Suite, and we had to turn two couples away. We feel fortunate to have so many requests for accommodation. Many B&Bs in town are not doing as well. I do work at it, though, with a presence on two Chambers, four directories and one Web site abroad. Today I called Finely JPs to ask if the restaurant would join us on a weekend package mid-May with a coupon for dinner and discovered the owner reads the blog, which is always slightly disconcerting but gratifying, too. She agreed, so I will provide details of this healing/wellness special here soon. We commiserated about the crazy economy and how it affects business. Lots of diners in local restaurants tonight with non-residents down, as well as hungry tourists. It's supposed to rain tomorrow but the weather was balmy today, perfect for a bike ride or a stroll along the harbor.