Monday, April 06, 2009

Does Your Pond Have Frogs?

Yesterday night Sven and I watched Nature on PBS. The program was about the disappearance of frogs. While the first part described a fungus that is killing frogs throughout the world, the second part documented deformities discovered in frogs that live in ponds and streams polluted by drugs, which have seeped through septic system walls into the ground water. I am always staggered when I watch scientists sounding the alarm like this and the media does not even blink an eye. One of the main culprits seems to be estrogen from birth control pills. The implications of what this means to humans? Draw your own conclusions! Frogs were also featured in the Cape Cod Times. Spring is late this year, but, according to the article, Cape Cod ponds have not yet lost their frogs. I did not hear any frogs the last time we went to Great Pond, but we did see a turkey!