Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Benefit of Turning Down the Thermostat

WHAT's upper lobby features paintings by local school children. The images were all so lovely that I did not know which wall to photograph. Last week Sven and I enjoyed an independent movie at our favorite local theater. What we did not enjoy was the temperature. The next time we go, I will know to dress appropriately. It was hot in that theater! Not all theatergoers may have felt the same way. I have discovered temperature to be an acquired taste. When I married my Swede, I would lament his throwing open the windows at night in the dead of winter. Now I cannot imagine sleeping in a stuffy room. Owning a bed & breakfast constantly reminds me how people have established their own comfort levels, be it 62 or 72 degrees. Fortunately for guests, Seagull Cottage and our new Green Room both have their own thermostats. But, cooler temperatures may not be all bad. The New York Times brings news that lower temperatures could help with fat loss, and, after a long winter, we all need to lose weight. Three studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine point to "the potential of 'brown fat' - a k a 'good fat' - to burn calories and generate heat." This afternoon, in an effort to burn some of those calories, we took a brisk walk to Dyer Pond, more pristine and clear than ever.