Friday, April 17, 2009

An April Day in the Life

Sven has switched our headquarters to the Studio with the advent of warmer temperatures, so I set about cleaning Liberty Coin Suite first thing. Impetus was the desire for photos for the new Web site, as well as the opportunity to book Liberty Coin in May as well as our Green Room and cottage. The cottage is still available this weekend, so I did a little email dance with two different prospective guests, a bit like the bunny hop, fancy steps to either side, only with the final hop backwards. Perhaps the couple now ensconced will decide to stay? After lunch, Sven and I took a drive out towards Great Island to soak up some beauty. The above photo is taken from Chequessett Neck Road. After realizing the Volvo was low on gas, we circled back to town, filled the car, stopped home to check emails, and headed out again. We picked up our Wellfleet 2009 Guidebooks at Seaside Liquors and went to the beach for a walk. By now, the time was half past two. Not much accomplished for the B&B so far! Last week we had multiple bookings, as if folks had suddenly awoken to the fact summer will soon be upon us. Warm weather shakes people up that way. I told Sven about the evening meeting organized by the town regarding water, an important issue, which will be on the warrant, and told him I intended to attend. I headed outside then to transplant some myrtle, and Sven sat down to read Swedish news on the computer. Half an hour later, I came back in to check email. There were five messages for me. And, that is when my day took an unexpected turn. I opened the email from the literary agency cautiously, expecting another rejection. Whoa! What’s this? A personal message from the agency president herself. I stared at the words and especially “representation.” That was when I started jumping up and down. Within the hour, I had spoken with the agent and learned how much she loves the proposal for my book. I cannot tell you what a long road I have followed to reach this point. Just yesterday I was thinking that being gay must feel something like wanting to be a successful writer. You do not do it on purpose. It is just the way you were born. The agent is sending a contract over the weekend. Yippee!