Sunday, April 05, 2009

Update on Newcomb Hollow Shipwreck

What an amazing day! When the sky is this blue, one forgets that it rained almost all last week and will rain tomorrow and the next day. This afternoon Sven and I headed for Newcomb Hollow Beach, where Nate Chapman filmed last month and where the shipwreck is still visible. We had not been down since the middle of winter. The National Seashore is organizing a walk on Tuesday, April 21 at 2 PM, to view the shipwreck with a ranger. Here is the description: "Cape Cod is known as the 'Graveyard of the Atlantic,' with over 3000 recorded wrecks. Occasionally, the skeleton of one of these old wrecks is thrust up on the beach, only to be covered again by sifting sands. Over the past year the bones of a 19th century wreck have appeared, been buried, and reappeared. Will it be buried, or exposed on April 21?" Today April 5, there was more bones to see than the last time Sven and I inspected. So cool!