Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wine in Bed?

One of the issues Sven and I have not been able to resolve is what to do about guests who drink wine in bed. There is nothing wrong with drinking wine in bed per se. The problem is drinking wine in bed and spilling the wine, especially red wine, which seems to be the drink of choice for most of our guests over the past year. Recently we had a couple in Liberty Coin Suite who managed to spill wine on the sheets, comforter cover, and linen dresser scarf. Above, Sven works assiduously at removing the stains. When my back was turned, I suspect he even tried a bit of bleach, which I stock reluctantly for such occasions. These guests also broke one of my fancy wine glasses. They offered to pay for the broken glass, but neglected to mention the widespread wine-spot orgy whose results awaited us once they had left. I liked these people but regret to say cannot have them back under the circumstances. Innkeepers must expect some damage to linens. That goes with the territory. What I felt was missing was an apology of some sort. I told Sven that no drinking of wine in the room would have to become one of our only rules. Our current Green Room guests also brought two bottles of wine, two wineglasses, and a corkscrew. They have been careful with their glasses and their wine. No signs of spots so far … Still, when we do revise the Web site, I think red wine will have to be outlawed in rooms. I have no problem with white wine. Riesling, anyone?