Sunday, November 09, 2008

Will the Sun Set on Wellfleet Tourism?

This fall GREEN was the big trend identified by TripAdvisor. While I am not a fan of TripAdvisor, a service pushing big hotels and discounted rates, I do pay attention to their travel trends surveys. Activities such as visiting national parks, hiking, and engaging in adventure sports were mentioned as becoming more popular. 34% of the respondents said they would visit an environmentally friendly hotel in the coming year, as opposed to 30% in 2007. This is great news, but these surveys were conducted prior to the economic meltdown. Today, in the New York Times, I noticed a survey by the Pew Center for People and the Press, Oct. 9-12, 2008. The first activity respondents said they would give up was Vacation Spending with a whopping 59%, followed closely by Eating Out Less Often, 55%. Now, that does not sound very good for Wellfleet whose two major industries are tourism and shellfishing….