Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Outer Cape shares a special history with the Plymouth Colony, where the first Thanksgiving was celebrated. Before settling in Plymouth, the pilgrims anchored their ships in Provincetown Bay on November 11, 1620. There, in the Mayflower cabin, they drew up and signed the compact for the government of the future colony. They walked as far as Wellfleet and stole corn from the Indians at Truro's Corn Hill. This corn was used for seed the following year, keeping the men and women of Plymouth from starvation. A small party of pilgrims even explored the area north of Corn Hill and camped out beside a pond on the second night. There is a bronze plaque to commemorate the event. Apparently, the pilgrims found a spring and "drank their first New England water" there ... Here at Chez Sven, as we approach this great holiday, we are grateful for all the wonderful guests who visited us in Wellfleet over the past year and hope they will return next year. If you are reading this blog and have not yet stayed at Chez Sven, do consider a visit in 2009. Thank you for reading Wellfleet Chezsven Blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!