Friday, November 07, 2008

Why Go to the Beach on a Cloudy Day?

Sven and I try to walk several times a week. Here in Wellfleet, we have a great variety of choices for our walks. Our most frequent pick: LeCount Hollow Beach. Some people do not understand the pleasure of walking on a cloudy day. What makes a beach attractive without blue sky to reflect on the ocean water, turning it greenish-blue? For one thing, most people do not proceed out if there is no sunshine, so the beach at low tide is clear of footprints. Walking there makes one feel like a child, faced with a sheet of glossy fingerpaint paper, somehow exhilarating even at 60! Today mist hung over the beach, and, with it came an air of mystery. The sun itself was shrouded in fog. After a few minutes, we could not see where we had been, nor where we were going. One becomes suspended in that moment of time. As we progressed, we noticed erosion from the recent storm. In the distance appeared the remnants of what must have once belonged to the Marconi Station. In Sven’s words, “The beach is always different from day to day. Sometimes one hesitates in the parking lot because of the mist. We went down anyhow today and had a very nice walk with the sea rolling in. Such silence, no sound whatsoever...”