Friday, November 21, 2008

New Information on Lyme Disease

The autumn leaves are all down now, and I have raked them up. Some I will use for future compost. Others get carted to the dump. Since ticks like to nest in beds of dried leaves, I do my best to remove as many as possible. Lyme has become a national health crisis. Ticks travel on birds, as well as mice and deer. I warn every guest about the risk ticks pose here on Cape Cod where Lyme Disease is now described as "endemic." While at the doctor's the other day, I discovered a publication about Lyme, which seemed worthwhile. I just visited the Web site for CALDA and joined. The home page shows how very SMALL deer ticks can be. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the interesting new therapies which are being tried. I have written five letters to Oprah, hoping she will get interested in Lyme Disease, but so far, no response. I guess she feels tummy tucks and liposuction segments with Dr. Oz produce better ratings. If one of her close family were infected, she would quickly realize how important Lyme research is and urge listeners to contribute to organizations like CALDA.