Monday, November 10, 2008

Sven Starts "Distant Mirror" Blog

Sven does a lot of walking! Right now, he is asking me to head out to the ocean for a walk since our new Green Room guests have settled in. While walking is good physical exercise, getting out and doing it takes up a good chuck of the day. For months, I have been hoping my husband would start a blog of his own since he has so many interesting ideas to share and an incredible knowledge of history. He has finally agreed and even chose the title. The first posting went up today. My son is in Japan on business, so I cannot fix all of the features as wished for now, but it is a start. I hope readers of Wellfleet Chezsven Blog will visit Distant Mirror Blog and welcome our reluctant new blogger. Former students who comment get half-price on a bed & breakfast stay this winter. (If unable to post comments to the blog, contact Boe at svenolof AT comcast DOT net.)