Friday, July 13, 2012

When Chez Sven Becomes Networking Central

We are always happy to have return green guests, like Rosemary and Jeff, at Chez Sven for the fourth time, or Al and Betty who left yesterday morning, and have been coming as many years to kayak. It's nice to have the opportunity to catch up on what's been going on in their lives. Jeff is the manager at Za, a restaurant in Arlington, where I hope to spend some evenings this fall since my younger daughter now lives four blocks away. I wondered if Jeff knew about Real Pickles? Now, I didn't myself, before Dan and Addie came to visit, on the recommendation of friends, for their honeymoon. When I realized they own and run an organic pickle company, I immediately contacted Elspeth Hay, who writes Diary of a Locavore and organized for her to interview them at the farmers' market here in Wellfleet.
Her post yesterday was on real pickles, but she left out the part about my tip and didn't take their photo. Dan and Addie were a darling couple, so that's a shame. When Jeff and Rosemary arrived, I asked whether they had heard of "Real Pickles." Jeff said that Za does some of its own pickling. He had never heard about Real Pickles, no, but likes the fact that they local-source their product from the farms of friends, and will definitely check them out. Networking central, over and out.