Thursday, July 26, 2012

Time for a Rip Current

Yesterday seemed like a marvelous day for the beach. The sky was intense blue.
The rain had chased away all the dust particles in the air. Sunbeams sparkled off Long Pond as Sven drove up to the ocean. I knew I would be missing the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee hearing, streaming live, but a walk seemed more urgent.
Sven turned right on Ocean View Drive and headed for LeCount Hollow. To our surprise, we could see white caps whipping the waves as we looked past the Lot Full sign at Cahoon. Would it be too windy to walk the beach? Only time would tell. We parked the car and noticed how empty LeCount's was. The lifeguards had put up a sign that read, “Warning: Very Strong Rip Current. Umbrellas will blow away. Water, 62 degrees.” Down by the ocean, teenagers with boogey boards took full advantage of the wild surf. The sand on the beach was blowing south.
It’s unusual to be able to see sand blowing in summer. The scene reminded me of sagebrush, rolling across the prairie. We could feel the sand, too, as the sharp particles hit our bare legs. The wind roared, so we remained silent, no talk.

Once we got home, I checked the computer and was delighted to learn the Environment & Public Works Committee had passed the Safe Chemicals Act, which now goes to the Senate. I felt ecstatic.
Our country has the opportunity to regulate toxic chemicals, after 36 years of anarchy. I urge every one of you to contact your Senators. Let's cause our own rip current in the same-old, same-old world of politics. This momentous decision will impact our world, our children’s world, and the world of our grandchildren. If you have been following my blog, you know many toxic chemicals are endocrine disruptors. I have also written about pesticide residue and urged consumption of organic foods. I even reported on the President’s Cancer Panel Report, which spells out the connection between chemicals in our environment and cancer. Read a good summary of what's at stake on today's Huffington Post.

All we need is 51 Senators, but that will be tough, because so many Republicans are beholden to the chemical companies. In yesterday's Committee vote, ten Democratic Senators voted yes, and the eight Republicans all voted no.

Those of you who live in Massachusetts, please call Scott Brown (202 224 4543), since Kerry is already on board. Brown needs to receive thousands of phone calls before he will consider putting our health before the will of those who helped him get elected. Let’s demonstrate the power of the blogosphere. We need protection from the toxic chemicals in air, water and food. If you prefer to email, use this Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families form of the Environmental Working Group form. Or, both.

Do your Senators support the Safe Chemicals Act? What? You're not sure? Get on the phone and urge their support. Let's knock over some umbrellas! Do you think social media has the power to make a difference? Will we get toxic chemicals regulated for once and for all?