Monday, July 23, 2012

Fine Art & Travel Auctioned in Wellfleet

From the photos posted yesterday, you can see the Preservation Hall Fine Art & Travel Auction was an event not to miss.
Unfortunately, many of you missed it. Perhaps due to the sterling weather? Maybe unexpected guests dropped in? Or, for some people, a fall renovation project, like house painting, has already laid claim to any free cash and you decided to resist temptation by not showing up? I can tell you the lucky ones who made it to the auction and bid on the spectacular art were glad you weren’t there. Fine art was going at amazing prices, way below market value.

There was yummy food to enjoy before, after, and during the main event. This year Preservation Hall hired a professional auctioneer who was clever with his lively repartee:
“For some reason, honey, I think you want this one.” “As my aunt from Dorchester said, don’t lose it for a mere fifty bucks!” “Watch out: not good when the auctioneer knows your number by heart.” Paper plates stood in for paddles, and people were waving them in the air on numerous occasions.

Artist Jim Holland had at least half a dozen bidders competing for his seascape with buoy. The winning bid was $2200. At Left Bank Gallery, Holland’s work is much more expensive.

My favorite painting was the star of the afternoon, Vincent
Amicosante’s masterpiece, seen above, commemorating the Centennial of the building that is now Preservation Hall. The detail of the lace was beyond belief. (See photo posted yesterday.) Vincent spent three weeks on prep alone. He devoted two months to this painting, worth $8500. It went for $3000. (Vincent shows at Harmon Gallery. Do stop in and see his other work while in town.)

And, I didn’t even mention the travel deals. The week in a cottage on the Maine coast cost a young man only $400. Two people won African safaris for $2600 each, per couple. The Lieutenant Island stay was a steal at $800.

A lot of happy Wellfleetians returned home with a canvas under their arm and/or a fabulous trip in their future. Thanks go out to all the organizers, to Prez. Hall Board President Marla Rice, described by the auctioneer as a “lovely goddess,” to the volunteers who carried in the paintings and served drinks, to the artists and Prez. Hall regulars who contributed art and travel. It was one swell party.