Sunday, July 08, 2012

Fleet Moves Moves Wellfleet

What? You weren't up at dawn to see Fleet Moves at White Crest? A lot of people were, including your favorite blog reporter. The performance started in the far parking lot and continued, using all props available, until dancers faced the rising sun and even entered the ocean. (See photos below)

Yesterday evening Wellfleet learned that the Fleet Moves troop will probably stage a second dance festival here in 2013, good news, because the energy generated was marvelous for the town. Anyone who saw these dancers leaping through the air during the Fourth of July parade understand what I mean.
They performed a number of scheduled and unscheduled dances, showing off different locations. In this photo, Janet Lesniak welcomes the dancers to Preservation Hall last night. With Janet, stand Wellfleet's Sky Freyss-Cole and her friends Katie Schetlick and Zena Bieber. The Main Stage performance drew thunderous applause after each act. The show was sold out, and fifty people, trying to buy tickets, were turned away during the afternoon.

Chez Sven was one of the sponsors. We even opened our home to two of the dancers, Anne Zuerner and Rishauna Zumberg, who must have logged an incredible number of miles in walking between venues, Chez Sven, and the Holbrook Avenue watering hole chosen by organizers Katie and Zena.
I felt sad to say goodbye to my houseguests. Anne, on the left, choreographed the second dance at last night's show. I admitted during intermission that I had not understood its full meaning but enjoyed watching all the same: the emotions came through loud and clear. The festival continues all day. Tonight there will be a final free dance party for everyone at Prez. Hall. Get your dancing shoes on ….