Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot Days in Wellfleet

It's hot. It's way too hot. We should not complain, because other parts of the country are suffering under three-digit temps. Check out the line to use the restroom at the back of town hall. Maybe these people wanted to splash water in the face, and that would have been a good idea. The heat is getting to us all. Today someone yelled curse words at me in the parking lot at Stop & Shop. He was backing up his car and wanted me off the spot he was backing into. I was taking a short cut towards the store. How was I to know he intended to back up? This week I encountered one very unpleasant person on the phone, and another online, protesting that we should do one night. We do not do one night usually, and especially when it gets this hot. Sven beats the heat by taking outdoor showers. I sit in my air-conditioned office. I grew up in Washington, DC, where we had hot, humid days every summer. Not 105 degrees, though, a temperature last week in DC. Do you believe the climate has changed? How do you beat the heat?