Friday, July 06, 2012

Performance Art Comes to Wellfleet

It is so exciting to have performance art happening in Wellfleet.
Check out what took place next to Farm, at the Left Bank Gallery, or rather, the side wall of the Left Bank Gallery, in the first of a number of the "secret location" dances staged by Fleet Moves. "Slow Falls" was choreographed by Abigail Levine. A lot of pedestrians on Commercial Street yesterday, what with the excellent weather, and they all stopped to watch. What in the world were those women doing? I spoke with Anne Freyss who commented that the stark silence and slow movement outside was quite a contrast to what was happening inside the gallery, where guests were drinking wine and popping appetizers into their mouth while chatting with strangers and admiring the "In Our Wake" exhibit, but perhaps that was the point? Watch for clues posted around town for the Fleet Moves scheduled happenings over the next three days.